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The Value of Open Opportunities

Sharpen your skills and contribute to the success of real-world projects within the federal government. Break free from your routine and make new connections among communities of innovators with Open Opportunities.

The Value of Open Opportunities

Build Skills While Keeping Your Day Job

Advance your career by developing new skills and gaining valuable experience, all while maintaining your current job.

Join a Dynamic Community

Meet and collaborate with fellow federal government employees who share similar interests, specific skills, or experience. Engage with a community focused on mutual growth and innovation.

Start Your Career Exploration

Search for rewarding student internships to get a firsthand look at working for the federal government. Open Opportunities provide insights into diverse career paths within the federal sector.

Expand Your Professional Network

Grow your network with new colleagues from various agencies, whether they're down the hall or across the country. Building a robust professional network through Open Opportunities opens doors to new perspectives and collaborations.

What is an Opportunity?

An opportunity is an experience-based learning assignment with any federal agency. Current federal employees can develop and grow their professional skills and experience while keeping their current job. Agencies benefit by gaining extra support, learning from other agencies, and fostering employee development.

Explore Two Exciting Opportunities:

1. Share Your Expertise: Facilitate a Leadership Module


TEI offers leadership training for executives and senior leaders, relying on external speakers for most training sessions. Federal employees are sought to lead select sessions, providing training tailored to federal workers. Most sessions are 90 minutes or less.

What You'll Do

Create and deliver a module on leadership topics such as ethics, conflict resolution, transition to a new role, communication, change management, building coalitions, team results, team building, or ECQ development. The module, 90 minutes or less, should blend theory with stories from your federal experiences. An on-demand option is also available.

What You'll Learn

- Facilitating

- Teaching

2. Help us improve USA Staffing. Join the USA Staffing Research Participant Group!


The USA Staffing design team seeks individuals interested in shaping the future of USA Staffing through participation in research activities. Share your experiences and feedback to improve the system for all users.

What You'll Do

Participate in user research, including usability testing, surveys, and interviews. Share your insights into your USA Staffing usage, challenges with the current system, and suggestions for improvement. In a research session, you may interact with a USA Staffing prototype, provide feedback, and share your knowledge about hiring and staffing.

What You'll Learn

By participating in user research, provide direct feedback to the USA Staffing team, influencing improvements for everyone.


If you have experience working with USA Staffing in any capacity, we want to hear from you.

Encourage your colleagues to explore these opportunities, and together, let's elevate professional development within the federal government.

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