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Activities and Wellness

Mission is to bring together federal employees and their families through activities that take place outside of work hours (picnic, bowling, etc).

Awards & Recognition

Mission is to hold a yearly formal awards recognition luncheon to recognize the “best and brightest” in government as nominated in categories by the federal agencies in Connecticut.

Continuity of Operations (COOP)

Mission is to provide training and exercises to the federal agencies in CT through planned events with FEMA and other emergency management organizations.


Mission is to provide seminars (retirement, etc.) two times a year that provide training opportunities for federal employees. 

Federal Relations

Mission is to establish strong relations with the Connecticut staff of U.S. senators and congress members.  This will involve regular meetings to provide feedback to staff members on what is important to federal employees as well as provide contacts for congressional staffs when dealing with constituent concerns.

Public Relations

Mission is to maintain the FEACT website and social media sites as well as highlight FEACT (press releases, etc.) with the local media as needed.


Mission is to ensure that federal agencies in Connecticut are aware of the FEACT and that the membership lists are accurate and complete.  This committee will also help to distribute information about the FEACT for recruitment.

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