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continuity of operations (Coop)

Committee Chair:
Phil Milan - United States Coast Guard

Mission is to provide training and exercises to the federal agencies in CT through planned events with FEMA and other emergency management organizations.


FEACT trains federal employees on disaster planning:

The Federal Executive Association of Connecticut (FEACT) held a free workshop on September 17 for federal government employees on how to prepare to continue operating during a severe weather situation. The tabletop exercise, part of the Continuity of Operations (COOP) Committee of FEACT, was facilitated by Lauren DeMarco of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Forty representatives of more than a dozen federal agencies gathered at Goodwin College in East Hartford to work through the exercise, which required attendees to imagine Connecticut was severely impacted by a major snowstorm that virtually shut down the state. Attendees shared how their agencies implemented COOP and discussed ways in which COOP plans might be improved or revised to address the challenges highlighted in the exercise. Participants left the workshop with ideas on how to better prepare for emergency situations. The workshop also provided an excellent opportunity for federal employees to network with other agencies.


The FEACT COOP Committee is seeking committee members to help plan future trainings, exercises and workshops. Contact Juan Cruz ( or Suzanne Piacentini ( to participate.

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