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The Federal Executive Association of Connecticut (FEACT) brings together leadership of federal government agencies for collaboration and coordination.

mission & history

Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) were established in 1961 by President John Kennedy with the goal of creating a forum for leaders of federal agencies to collaborate.  FEBs were started in 28 cities across the nation.  They are under the supervision of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  From FEBs grew Federal Executive Associations (FEAs) in the outlying areas around the major cities. 


Nationally, FEBs and FEAs are active in speaking as one federal voice on topics such as:

  • Creating liaisons with Congressional Staff in a geographic area

  • Providing Federal Employee Recognition Banquets to highlight the “best and brightest” in government in geographic area

  • Addressing locality pay and other employee benefit issues

  • Providing training/seminars for agency employees on such topics as retirement and employee development

  • Organizing emergency management training, such as COOP Table Top Exercises and  full scale exercises

  • After hour social networking opportunities for federal employees and their families


The Federal Executive Association of Connecticut was re-launched in 2015 after many years of inactivity. The board and committee chairs were elected in January and meet monthly. Full membership meetings are held in January, March, June and September. 

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