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Public Service Recognition Week - Jenifer Hasenfus

I am a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Field Representative for Connecticut and Rhode Island.

My agency launched the Study in the States program to enhance national security and improve customer service tied to regulations governing international students studying in the United States. Study in the States clearly explains the student visa process, enhances coordination among government agencies, and keeps international students and the U.S. academic community better informed about pertinent rules and regulations.

I Serve Because I want to help Schools welcome international students and in turn, educate young people from around the world.

As a Federal Executive Association of Connecticut member, I have an opportunity to bring together leadership of federal government agencies for collaboration and coordination. Our association creates liaisons with Congressional Staff in our geographic area, provides Federal Employee Recognition Banquets to highlight the “best and brightest” in government in geographic area, addresses locality pay and other employee benefit issues, provides training/seminars for agency employees on such topics as retirement, employee development, and much more.

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