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FEACT Full Membership Meeting (December 2022) Debrief

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

During our December Full Membership Meeting, our Connecticut Federal employees met for a complimentary light breakfast at the Rubicoff Federal Building. We began by introducing our Executive Board and our guests.

We then proceeded to brief our attendees on the previous Full Membership meeting at Lyman Orchards.

Our Committee Chairs presented the following updates:

Awards Recognition

Discussed program the program's status - 2021 awards were paused as we looked to revamp our award categories, criteria, and explore ways to continue recognizing the great work our federal workforce is doing in the State of Connecticut. We also provided a program overview highlighting some of the award categories, venue, and lessons learned over the years.


Discussed the year's program initiatives such as the

  • Employee Engagement training by the CT Passport Agency

  • Hartford 400 Presentation, hosted by Ms. Jackie Mandy (Executive Director of iQuilt) and Mr. Mike Zaleski (President and CEO of Riverfront Recapture)

  • Pinnacle Personnel Services Retirement Seminar, the Coast to Coast Wellness Challenge, a Hartford 400 presentation

We then discussed potential training sessions and solicited feedback on topics, venues, and lessons learned.


Shared insights on the current membership status, challenges and successes achieved this year. During the brief we solicited assistance with our Federal Outreach efforts.

Year in Review

Patrick led us in review of our association's accomplishments this past year.


Board/Committee Meeting via MS Teams


Board/Committee Meeting via MS Teams


Full Membership meeting via MS Teams – Special Training on Employee Engagement by Heather McHugh, Director of CT Passport Agency

Request for FEACT Board Nominations Distributed (terms to begin October 2021)


  • Board/Committee Meeting via MS Teams


  • Board/Committee Meeting via MS Teams


  • Full Membership meeting – Riverside Park Boat House – Hartford 400 Presentation by Jackie Mandyk, Executive Director of iQuilt and Mike Zaleski, President and CEO of Riverfront Recapture


  • Board/Committee Chair Meeting via Conference Call


  • Board/Committee Chair Meeting via Conference Call

  • GEHA FEB/FEA Coast to Coast Challenge begins (runs through October 2nd)


  • FEACT Retirement Seminar – Hartford MDC Training Center by Ms. Debbie Hatch, Pinnacle Personnel Services

  • Chris Henry Resignation from Board and Treasurer (transferred to PA)

  • Suzanne Piacentini Appointed Treasurer

  • Lisa Perrone, Congressman Larson, appointed Assistant Treasurer


  • Full Membership meeting – Lyman Orchards – Middlefield, CT

  • Presentation on Management Leadership – Alex Tremble, Certified


  • Board/Committee Chair Meeting via Conference Call


  • 8th annual Holiday Meeting – Ribicoff Federal Building – Hartford

  • CT Rides and CT Transit Green Commuting Presentation

Presentation - Green Commuting

We then enjoyed the complimentary breakfast before kicking off the excellent presentation by CT Rides and CT Transit on Green Commuting. The presentation shared the exciting options for reducing our carbon emissions footprint, cost saving measures we can all benefit from, and more!

Interested to learn more? Be sure to join us at the next Full Membership Meeting (available to all Federal Employees of Connecticut) and stay tuned for more.

On behalf of the Federal Executive Association of Connecticut, Thank you for the great work you continue to do. Happy Holidays and here's to a prosperous and healthy 2023!

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