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Crosby High School Career Fair

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

During March 2023 the Federal Executive Association of Connecticut partnered with Crosby High School's School Governance Council (Waterbury, Connecticut) to organize a career fair. The career fair was a great opportunity to bring awareness to our youth about the many career paths within Connecticut Federal Service. From internships, fellowships, and different pathways for differently abled citizens, we had an opportunity to speak to our youth about the many great opportunities to serve as Federal employees within the state of Connecticut.

We shared our agency missions, as well as the type of work our customers and industry partners do, and how we all play a collaborative role.

We also elaborated on the numerous careers and different agencies represented within the FEA of CT.

Numerous reports/articles share the challenges with attracting new talent and competing with organizations to fill our ranks highly talented individuals. So taking time to share our experiences in public service is a step towards attracting new talent into our workforce.

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