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FY2024-2025 Call for Nominees

Dear Federal Executive Association Members, We are seeking nominations for up to nine board members who believe in the FEA of CT mission and are willing to be active in their governance roles as well as taking an active role in our meetings and activities. We believe that the role of the Federal Executive Association of Connecticut has never been more important than it is today, and we hope that you will consider running for the Board of Directors. At our December All Members meeting (12/12) we will be electing members to our Board of Directors for the term which begins January 1, 2024 and ends December 31, 2025 Committee Goals Activities and Wellness - . The Activities and Wellness Committee generally plans a few events such as Summer Picnic/Olympics and Winter Bowling. The Committee also shares wellness tips via email.

  • Awards Recognition - The committee plans the Awards and Recognition Event

  • COOP – The committee plans COOP related training and/or events.

  • Education – The committee plans educational training events – retirement seminars, resume writing, etc.

  • Federal Relations – The goal of the committee is to reach out to the congressional delegation or their staff, to organize and hold Meet & Greets to create a forum to bring federal employee concerns to the federal congressional delegation and plan an annual meeting/congressional listening session.

  • Membership – The goal of the committee is to reach out to all federal agencies in Connecticut to increase participation in FEACT.

  • Pay and Benefits – Ad-Hoc Committee, only when issue arises.

  • Website/Public Relations – The committee goal is to maintain a website and Facebook site to have a location for member and possible new members to learn about FEACT and the activities happening.

If interested, please respond via email to no later than, November 15, 2023 indicating your decision to place your name on the list of nominees for the Federal Executive Association of Connecticut FY 2024-2025 board. A copy of the bylaws is attached as well as information on committees below. Sincerely,

FEACT Nominating Committee

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