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FEACT Registration for Feel Like A Million Challenge is OPEN

Feel Like a Million, brought to you by your FEA of CT and GEHA, is a board game-themed program to increase energy and help you feel their best.

Each day you record one or more of 6 energy-boosting activities, you’ll earn virtual dollars and experience progress by moving along the gameboard on your desktop or mobile device. Every activity is a move closer to achieving the goal of $1 million virtual.

Feel Like a Million is even more rewarding when participating with friends, so join your colleagues in optional buddy and team features.

How do you win the Feel Like a Million competition?

  1. Top FEB/FEA: wins overall champion trophy. FEB/FEA must have 250+ participants to be eligible. Also, GEHA will donate $5,000 to the Combined Federal Campaign in the FEB/FEA name. (Donation is optional)

  2. Top 3 teams and top 3 individuals in each FEB will be recognized.

Register today at

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